Cruel Son Pranks His Mom With Text Saying She's Won the Powerball

A woman working at a California nursing home received a text to say she'd won the lottery, but her celebration was short-lived.

The staff at a nursing home in Pomona, California erupted in celebration when a 62-year-old nurse thought she had the winning Powerball ticket.

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But her family then revealed it was all a prank by her son.

The nurse was working the nightshift at the Park Avenue Nursing Home when her son apparently texted her to say she had won the third share of the $1.5 billion. People in Tennessee and Florida are said to have won the other shares of the jackpot

The nursing home’s administrator, David Levy, told the New York Daily News that the facility was abuzz on Wednesday night thinking she had won the big bucks.

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Then word came down that it was all a joke.

But is it? Some people are wondering if the nurse really did win and her family is trying to protect her privacy.

On Friday morning, the winners from Munford, Tennessee,  John and Lisa Robinson, appeared on the Today show to share their good news. The other winners have not yet been identified.

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