Charlie Sheen Tells Dr. Oz: I've Been Diagnosed As Bipolar

Sheen says the diagnosis explains his manic behavior.

Charlie Sheen has revealed that, along with HIV, he’s been diagnosed as bipolar.

The actor shared the diagnosis, which he said explains his manic behavior, as he spoke with Dr. Oz.

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“I've been described or diagnosed by enough people that I guess at some point you have to take a look at it,” Sheen admitted.

In a statement otained by Broadcasting and Cable, Dr. Oz said: “It’s very common and understandable that someone may resist embracing a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

“Charlie offers us an opportunity to show the audience that with the right treatment plan, bipolar disorder can be managed and symptoms can be brought under control. We have excellent drugs that deal directly with its cause. Most importantly, Charlie’s experience can teach the world that with the right plan and bipolar disorder brought under control, true healing can then occur in all other areas. ”

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The interview between Oz and Sheen will air on Monday.

Sheen has already appeared on The Dr. Oz Show twice since announcing he was HIV positive in November.

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