Brett Favre Admits to Leaving Messages, Denies Sending Photos

Embattled NFL quarterback Brett Favre has admitted to leaving messages for side line reporter Jen Stuger, but denies sending her nude photos. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

It keeps getting worse for football legend Brett Favre, who was loudly booed for his poor play on the field on Sunday.

And on Monday, the scandal-scarred Minnesota Vikings quarterback was a hot topic on the morning shows.

On the CBS Early Show, Harry Smith said,  "A confession from NFL quarterback Brett Favre."

Favre, a married man, has reportedly admitted to leaving lewd messages for sideline reporter Jen Sterger when he was playing for the New York Jets.

But Favre insists he never sent obscene photos of himself to Sterger. "Not Mine!" screamed one front-page headline.

He was even the subject of a parody on Saturday Night Live which poked fun of his famous jeans ad. Suffice it to say they were called "Open fly jeans" in the parody where SNL's Jason Sudeikis plays Brett Favre and says, "Nothing works better than the new Open Fly jeans from Wrangler."

Seems that everybody is laughing, except for Brett Favre.