See The Dramatic Rescue of a Panicked Puppy Trapped in a Frozen Lake

A 6-month-old German shepherd became trapped in a frozeb New Jersey lake and it took the help of a team of caring firefighters to save him.

Dramatic video taken from the shore of a New Jersey lake reveals the moment a panicked German shepherd is saved after becoming trapped in the icy water.

The local fire department was called to Lindy's Lake in West Milford in response to reports of a puppy that was struggling to escape an icy death on Friday morning.

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Rescuers immediately donned cold water rescue gear and started to inch some 75 yards out on the precarious ice as precious minutes ticked by.

When the rescuers first reached the 6-month-old puppy, it attacked the rescuers out of fear, WABC reports.

The rescuers pressed on, however, and the pooch eventually made his way up onto the ice.

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Even once he was on the ice, the dog had rescuers on edge because he wandered around the frozen lake for several minutes before climbing back onto solid ground.

Eventually, the dog was safe, though. And the entire dramatic rescue was caught on video that's since been posted to YouTube, where everyone can see what a brave thing the West Milford Fire Department did for the not entirely grateful pup.

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