Madonna Denies She Was Drunk on Stage: 'I Never Drink and Perform!'

The singer arrived late to a Kentucky concert, where she was booed.

Madonna is denying she was drunk when she showed up nearly three hours late to her concert in Louisville, Kentucky.

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The “Material Girl” singer took to Instagram to defend herself after reports surfaced that she might have been drunk during the show at the KFC Yum! Center.

Even one critic of the show, Jeffrey Lee Puckett, is denying she was drunk in his review for The Courier-Journal, writing: "She never did anything that remotely seemed like the actions of a drunk person."

At points in the night, Madonna even talked about drinking when she spoke to the audience saying "Maybe somebody slipped some bourbon into my throat coat tea. I don't know. I'm mixing everything up."

Mocking the locals, she spoke in a fake hillbilly accent. She also insisted that fans in the nosebleed section come down to the front.

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At times, she threatened not to perform, saying: "I don’t even know if I want to sing a song or play guitar. Why should I?"

Some concert goers respond with angry boos.

Puckett wrote: "Did she speak in a Southern accent at one point? Yes. She was engaged in some mediocre stage banter about the crowd hammering six packs, at which point she had several of her dancers show off their sculpted abdominal muscles, or six packs. Get it? Not very funny, and also entirely choreographed as the dancers all had a prepared schtick for stripping down. Plus, it was a decent accent."

Madonna's going through a bitter custody battle over her son, Rocco, with ex Guy Richie.

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