Hiccup Girl Charged with Murder

INSIDE EDITION reports on the girl known across the country for uncontrollable hiccups who has just been charged with first degree murder.

She drew worldwide attention for having the worst case of hiccups ever. Now the teen known as "hiccup girl" is making headlines again, but this time for something sinister.

She is under arrest for murder. That's right, Jennifer Mee is charged with first degree murder.

19-year-old Jennifer wore a blue prison uniform as she appeared in court for her arraignment via closed circuit TV.

Cops say Jennifer lured a 22-year-old man to a house in St. Petersburg, where two of her friends were waiting. The man was fatally shot in what cops are calling a robbery gone bad.

Jennifer's mother Rachel was inconsolable talking about the shocking arrest during a phone interview with WFLZ's "MJ Morning Show."

Host MJ Kelli asked, "Are you all right, Rachel?"

"No, not really. This still seems like a nightmare," said Rachel.

"How do you feel?" asked MJ.

Rachel replied, "Like my life has been shattered into a million pieces. She's my first born. She's my baby."

Rachel says her daughter fell in with a bad crowd after her whole hiccup ordeal.

"I've said for a while now that her case of the hiccups wasn't a case of the hiccups. It was a curse of the hiccups," said Rachel.

It is almost impossible to believe that the accused killer is the same fresh faced teen we first met in 2007. She was medical mystery back then, hiccuping an astonishing 50 times per minute.

Jennifer tried everything to cure her nonstop hiccups when she came by INSIDE EDITION three years ago. She stood on her head, held her breath, and even hopped on one foot. One viewer suggested this strange cure: eating raw mustard. INSIDE EDITION even tried to scare the hiccups away.

A special ear device finally did the trick, apparently silencing her hiccups forever. But now it seems those hiccups may have been the least of her problems.

Her mother Rachel said, "She's a lovable, sweet, little girl, who would not hurt a fly, and where things went wrong? I don't know."