Firefighters Stop to Give Barefoot Homeless Man a Pair of Shoes

Firefighters stopped to give a man a pair of shoes after seeing him walking barefoot near a freeway.

Firefighters stopped to give an elderly man a pair of shoes after seeing him walking barefoot near a freeway.

An engine from the Riverside Fire Department in California was returning from training on Monday when firefighters "noticed a local elderly homeless man walking slowly on the side of the freeway overpass," the department wrote on Facebook.

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The engine stopped and firefighter David Gilstrap offered the man a pair of his tennis shoes, while Captain Rob Gabler helped the man with his laces and offered him some water.

"Just another great example of the City of Riverside Fire Department helping our members of the community," the Facebook post read.

The post has been liked more than 1,000 times. Dozens of Facebook users have commended the firefighters for their act of kindness.

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Among them, Gabler's wife wrote: "SO in love with that man of mine ...Thankful for his kind heart ...Our boys and I are So very blessed."

Another woman added: "This is what our Fireman do for others every day and want no reward or thanks... They are just caring and compassionate men and women who make this world a better place."

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