Brother of Murder Victim Speaks About Killer Colonel

INSIDE EDITION talks to the brother of one of the victims of the cross-dressing air force Colonel as he shares what it was like listening to the Colonel confess to the killings.

The brother of a young woman murdered by the cross-dressing colonel is speaking out for the first time.

Andrew Lloyd's sister was strangled by air force colonel Russell Williams, who photographed himself wearing his victim's lingerie for kicks.

He was just sentenced to at least 25 years in prison, in solitary confinement, for the murder of Jesscia Lloyd and air force flight attendant Marie Comeau.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander said, "Your mother walked into court every day holding a photo of your sister. Why did she do that?"

"She did it to bring the story back to the victims. Not about this monster that did all these terrible things," said Lloyd.

Jessicas Lloyd's family listened to a litany of horrors in court, including this videotaped confession in which the colonel described, beating and strangling her.

Williams: "She was immediately unconscious, and I strangled her."

Interrogator: "What did you hit her with?"

Williams: "A flashlight."

Colonel Williams showed no emotion as he calmly described dumping her body.

Interrogator: "How far off the road is she?"

Williams: "Forty feet."

Interrogator: "Is she covered with anything?"

Williams: "No."

Alexander said, to Lloyd, "You must have been shocked when you saw that video."

"To hear it come from his mouth and to hear him explain it so methodically, like he was reading a grocery list, was crazy. Obviously, no real emotion in his voice while he was describing what he did to the two women," said Lloyd.

Colonel Williams was a respected air force commander. But no-one suspected his perverted double life.

Lloyd said. "That he could talk about these things and show no remorse or no sympathy for the victims or anything obviously showed what a monster we were actually dealing with."