Actress Wanted for Questioning by Mexican Authorities Over Her Ties to 'El Chapo'

Actress Kate del Castillo is wanted for questioning by Mexican officials over the "El Chapo" interview with Sean Penn, authorities said.

Mexican officials want to question actress Kate del Castillo, the soap opera actress who set up the now-infamous meeting between actor Sean Penn and the world's biggest drug lord, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

An official who spoke to the Associated Press only on the condition of anonymity, said investigators have asked the famous Mexican star to meet with them about her ties to Guzman and the get-together she arranged earlier this year with the planet's most-wanted kingpin.

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Guzman was captured in a bloody shootout on Jan. 8 after Mexican marines raided his mountain-top hideout, led there in part because of Guzman's meeting with the celebrities and communications he had with them about a movie he was peddling of his notorious life.

Penn said on "60 Minutes" that he has regrets about the interview he conducted with Guzman, which was published by Rolling Stone magazine.

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It is not clear when the del Castillo meeting would take place. Mexican authorities said last week they were not opening a criminal investigation of the fugitive's meeting with the actors.

Guzman will be deported to the U.S., where he has been indicted on murder and drug trafficking charges by at least six federal grand juries, Mexico's attorney general has said.

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