Hiker Discovers Bones Near Car, ID of Woman Who Disappeared 3 Years Ago

A man hiking in a California Forest came upon human bones, a car and identification belonging to a missing mother who was last seen three years ago.

A man hiking in California came upon human bones, as well as a car and identification belonging to a missing mother who was last seen three years ago, officials said.

Megan Sue DiPiazza disappeared on November 11, 2012 after she left a note at her apartment saying “goodbye to her family,” police said at the time.

On Sunday, a hiker was on a trail about 20 minutes up Angeles Crest Highway in the Angeles National Forest when he discovered the car and DiPiazza’s I.D. card roughly 500 feet down a ravine, Glendale Police told the Los Angeles Times.

Investigators who began searching the area once it was light out on Monday found multiple human bones, officials said.

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They also uncovered a photo of DiPiazza and her family in the car, as well as credit cards.
The car key was in the ignition, but the seat belt was unfastened, the Times wrote.

It was not immediately clear if the bones were connected to the discovery of the car and DiPiazza's I.D. card.

DiPiazza, 33, and her husband were reportedly separated for a month when she went missing. The pair had had an argument about the fate of their marriage when she left their Sunland home, Sal DiPiazza told CBS Los Angeles.

“I just want to make sure she is okay and I want her to come home,” Sal DiPiazza told the television station after his wife went missing. He said he knew something was wrong when her boss said she never showed up for work following their argument.

Investigators said at the time that there was no suspicious activity surrounding DiPiazza's disappearance, which was being investigated as a voluntary missing persons case.

Police attempted to track DiPiazza’s phone when she went missing, but found it was turned off, authorities said at the time.

Friends and family continued to search for their loved one, appealing to the masses on social media to keep looking for DiPiazza.

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“She has a little boy who needs her and friends and family that love her!” one friend wrote on Facebook after she went missing.

“We all love you, and we are all thinking of you. I miss my friend… Please come back to us,” another person wrote.

“The day Megan went missing she clipped coupons, went grocery shopping, and talked with friends… Megan's purse and wallet were found in her La Crescenta home. Her ID, debit card, phone, car keys, and car are missing,” the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System notes.

Glendale Police, along with officials from the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, were on the scene Monday investigating the discovery.

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