The World's Longest Cat

INSIDE EDITION meets the world's longest cat, Stewie, who is over four feet long!

At first glance he looks just like any normal cat. But Stewie is anything but normal.

He's the world's longest cat! The Guinness Book of World Records just awarded him the title.

He's over four feet long from whiskers to tail!

Stewie, a Maine Coon, weighs 27 pounds.

Owner Robin Hendrickson of Reno, Nevada says Stewie was a regular-sized kitten who just kept on growing.

But owning the world's longest cat isn't all fun and games. Hendrickson has to be careful not to keep food on the kitchen counter because Stewie can actually reach up and grab it!
But she doesn't mind, she says she couldn't be prouder of her furry world record holder.     
"Not just anybody can say they've got the world's longest cat," Hendrickson says.