Will Sarah Palin Endorse Trump? Intrigue Swirls Around Campaign's Mystery Announcement

A tease about a "special guest" at an Iowa rally and news of a jet chartered from Anchorage to Ames has rumors flying.

Donald Trump's tease about a "special guest" who will join him on-stage at an Iowa rally Tuesday along with reports of a chartered jet that flew from Anchorage, Alaska to Des Moines late Monday have inquiring minds asking: could it be?

Is Sarah Palin about to endorse Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nominee?

This entirely likely scenario may very well play out Tuesday, when Trump says he'll have a "major announcement and a very special guest in attendance" at a rally in Ames, about 45 minutes north of Des Moines.

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Trump and Palin's relationship extends back to 2011 when the former VP nominee and the outspoken billionaire famously ate pizza in Times Square with forks.

Should the rumors be true, Palin's endorsement would come at a good time for Trump, who is currently in nearly a dead heat in the Hawkeye State with rival Ted Cruz.

With just two weeks to go before the all-important Feb. 1 Iowa caucus, the Cruz campaign responded to the mere rumor of Palin's endorsement.

Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler told CNN that the Texan presidential hopeful would be "deeply disappointed" if Palin indeed endorses Trump.

Even Nicolle Wallace, Palin's former wrangler who's been vocal about the former VP nominee's less than stellar 2008 performance, believes the endorsement could be major.

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"She actually could tip the scales in his favor because the voter who's influenced by Sarah Palin is the very last voter who's still on the fence," Wallace told TODAY. "They are both her kind of Republicans and if she puts her finger on the scale for Trump, it could be impactful."

Before it helps Trump, the endorsement must actually happen, of course. And the many eyes of the Republican candidates will be almost certainly all be fixed on Trump's rally, which is slated to kick off at 6 p.m. 

In the words of Trump himself: "You will not want to miss this rally."

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