Major Winter Storm Could Mean Misery For 50 Million Across the Northeast

A winter wallop aimed at America's most densely populated region may dump a foot of snow on Northeast residents for the first time in 13 years.

Residents of America's Northeast, take note: a winter storm aimed right at you could bring a foot of snow to your front door for the first time in recent memory.

Not in 13 years have the 50 million people who call the densely populated region that stretches from Washington, D.C. to Boston all been affected by that much snow accumulation.

However, meteorologists are calling for potential blizzard conditions for the area beginning Friday and lasting, at least in some areas, well into Saturday.

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"We are just now at the point [of the winter] where the air is cold enough with the ongoing storms to awaken a sleeping giant in terms of a snowstorm," said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dave Dombek.

Experts say certain characteristics of the storm indicate it will have a very heavy rate of snowfall. This possibility, paired with the storm's potential to linger over 24 hours, could mean misery for weekend travelers up and down a 400-mile stretch of I-95.

Meanwhile, meteorologists fear the storm could bring damaging coastal flooding with it, as well.

The Weather Channel reports that, depending on the track, intensity and duration of the storm, coastal flooding and strong, gusty winds could swamp parts of the East.

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"With a full moon this weekend tides will already be running high, which could worsen the impacts should any coastal flooding occur," writes

For all its potential to bring headaches to millions, the storm--or at least its wallop of snow--is no sure thing.

It all depends on the amount of cold air available to the storm, which will determine which locations see snow, a mixture of rain and snow, or rain.

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