Woman, 21, Found Frozen to Death After Leaving Party Without Coat

Elizabeth Luebke walked just 100 yards in freezing temperatures before she collapsed.

A young woman froze to death in sub-zero temperatures after a night of drinking, according to reports.

Elizabeth Luebke, 21, left a party in Milwaukee, Wisconsin early on Sunday morning wearing only a tank top, shorts and fishnet stockings as temperatures plunged to -6F.

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She lasted just 100 yards before collapsing just around the corner from the party.

Meteorologist Nick Gregory told INSIDE EDITION: "It was brutally cold…When you're out without any protection in that type of severe cold, your time of survival is greatly diminished."

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A man who saw Luebke at the party told IE she was drinking.

"She's 21, you know? She decided to drink before at the show she was at. She was young. But there's nothing anybody can do about it now," he said. 

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