Reba McEntire Blasts Madonna For Starting Concert 2.5 Hours Late

Madonna kept Reba and the rest of the crowd waiting in Nashville.

Madonna really tested the patience of country superstar Reba McEntire, who ended up waiting two-and-a-half hours for Madonna's concert to begin.

"At the Madonna concert. She's not on yet... really?" McEntire wrote on Instagram.

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As the minutes passed, McEntire posted, "We're here!! Where is she???"

Finally the show began, but McEntire wanted everyone to know just how long Madonna made her fans wait, considering it was supposed to start at 8 p.m.

"She came on at 10:31," McEntire wrote.

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It's just the latest episode that has left people wondering what is going on with Madonna.

Over the weekend, she was three hours late for a concert in Louisville and when she got onstage she talked about drinking too much.

"I'm so drunk I can't play thig thing," she told the crowd.

Madonna insisted she was just horsing around.

"I never drink and perform!!!" she posted to Instagram.

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