Woman Saves Malnourished, Chained Dog From Manicurist's Backyard

A California woman went into a nail salon for a manicure, but ended up rescuing a dog that was chained in a backyard and left to die.

When a California woman went into a nail salon for a manicure one day, she had no idea that her visit would save a poor dog's life.

As Darlene was getting her nails done, her manicurist told her she was looking to find a home for her dog, because her son was not feeding him or providing water.

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The manicurist also told the retired interior designer that she wanted to have the pup euthanized, but did not want to pay $200 for the procedure.

After seeing a picture of the dog, Smokey, Darlene was in shock. The dog was so thin and neglected, his ribs and hipbones were protruding from his skin.

"I couldn't believe my eyes. It made me ill," Darlene said in a video about Smokey's rescue and recovery.

Darlene sprang into action and went to rescue him.