New Details Emerge in ESPN Reporter Prank

INSIDE EDITION reports on who allegedly made the cruel prank phone call to ESPN reporter Elizabeth Moreau, leading her to believe her hotel was on fire.

ESPN reporter Elizabeth Moreau is the victim of a cruel telephone prank.

The 27-year-old broadcaster was tricked into breaking the window of her Florida hotel room.

Now INSIDE EDITION has learned that audio of the incident was actually being broadcast live around the world on a prankster website.

Posing as the hotel manager, the hoaxer tells Moreau there is a gas leak in the hotel.

Prankster: I need for you to go into your bathroom, grab a towel, wet it under the sink and then put it under the front crack of the door and then come back to the phone as quickly as possible, OK?
Moreau: Are you kidding?
Prankster: No, I am not kidding Ma'am.

There's urgency in his voice as he tells her she must break a window immediately with the lid of a toilet tank.

Moreau: The window in my main room?
Prankster: Yes. Yes, Ma'am. I need for you to go get that toilet tank lid and get that window busted right now, Ma'am. Go!
Moreau: Do you really want me to throw this thing out of the window?
Prankster: Hurry Ma'am!

You can even hear the glass shattering.

Moreau: Well, one worked well!
Prankster: That was the first try then?
Moreau: Yeah!  I am so (expletive) freaked out right now I have no idea what I feel.

But the cruel hoax isn't over. The prankster patches in the hotel front desk and pretends to be Moreau's husband.

Prankster: My wife Elizabeth, she got upset because I cheated on her and she broke the window. We're going to need a new room.

When Moreau catches on to the prank, she is outraged.

Moreau: Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me right now? Someone just pranked me and said my room was on fire and I need to throw the top of my - is this a joke?

The website obtained the audio and reports that Tariq Malik, is behind this prank and many others, calling him a telephone terrorist.

"It's beyond prank at this point. It's beyond prank. It's targeted to taking advantage of people when they are vulnerable, away from home and they feel like maybe they're not secure," said a spokesman  from

Last year INSIDE EDITION tracked down Malik to a shabby apartment building in Windsor, Ontario, across the border from Detroit. Get this: he lives there with his mother.   

We found the windows covered in newspaper and garbage bags.

"He thinks that he's immune from the law here," said the spokesman.

Now this beautiful sports reporter might be his latest victim.