Rescuers Save German Shepherd That Roamed California Desert for Months

A dedicated group of animal lovers saved a beautiful dog that had been left abandoned in the California desert.

A dedicated group of animal lovers saved a beautiful dog that had been found abandoned in the California desert, rescuing her from dangerous conditions after spending months gaining the pooch’s trust.

For four months, rescuers Barbie Henderson, Robin Smith and Tracy McDaneld fed the white German Shepherd they named Venus as she roamed near a dangerous highway in the hopes that she would go willingly.

Temperatures neared 100 degrees as Venus continued to remain wary of humans, so the group turned to the animal rescue organization Hope for Paws.

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In a harrowing rescue mission caught on tape, the group worked to get ahold of Venus.

“As a last resort, we asked Dr. Scott Amsel to help us dart her using a tranquilizer gun,” the organization said in the video.

They watched as Venus continued to run across the busy roadway, and finally after several hours, Amsel took his shot.

“We immediately ran after Venus to ensure we didn’t lose sight of her,” the video noted. “After two minutes of running, the tranquilizer took effect and Venus collapsed.”

They worked on stabilizing the headstrong pup and when she was ready to be moved, the group brought her to a nearby hospital.

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But the real surprise came in the middle of the night, when Venus decided to make herself at home on a hotel desk.

“I felt she was ready for me to start working on gaining her trust,” the video said.

After a night of recovery, Venus was taken to Los Angeles to be pampered and cared for.  

Venus is still looking for her forever home and those interested in making her a part of their family can visit the Coastal German Shepherd Rescue here.

To learn more about Hope for Paws, click here.

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