Watch Rescuers Save Crying River Otter Pup Whose Mom Died During Floods

A river otter pup had a lucky day when a rescuer found him alive under a home, after severe storms caused flooding in the area.

A rescuer found a lucky river otter puppy alive under a home after severe storms caused flooding in the area.

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The pup's mom was killed when she tried to move her other baby to a safer location as their Florida home began to fill with water, according to Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation.

That pup was rescued, but unfortunately didn’t make it through the night.  

“I went back to the location and crawled under the home and searched for 20 minutes. I crawled [through] the water, mud, wires, insulation and more before I found the little guy,” Damen Hurd, who works with the rescue organization, told INSIDE EDITION.

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Wearing a GoPro on his head, Hurd captured the incredible rescue on video.

"Yep, it's him! He's alive, you can hear him squealing," Hurd exclaimed when he found the pup.

“[It was] pure luck, I really didn't think I was going to find anything under the home,” Hurd told IE.

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The organization usually raises the otters in groups before releasing them back into the wild, Hurd said.

“If we don't get any more we will move this guy to another facility when he is more stable and introduce him to another group of orphaned otters,” he said.

River otters are smaller than sea otters and very difficult raise as babies. The organization has given the pup a stuffed animal to keep him company.

The Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation has been rescuing animals in Florida since 1988. For more information on the organization, click here.

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