Mysterious Medical Condition Causes Objects To Stick To This Man's Head

An Illinois man is making money off of his mysterious medical condition that causes items to stick to his head like a suction cup.

An Illinois man has a mysterious medical condition that causes items to stick to his head, just like a suction cup.

Jamie Keeton, who shows off his skills under his stage name 'Can Head,' is making a living from the bizarre talent.

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“I went to a doctor one day, and he said ‘How do you do that?’ and I said, you tell me,” Keeton told INSIDE EDITION.

Keeton says doctors aren't sure why items stick to his skin but believe it has to do with his abnormally high 100-degree body temperature, which could cause his pores to act like suction cups. The condition has no name.

“There are two other people that have sort of had this condition, they’re both in India," he said. "Doctors told me I’m the only case in the United States.”

Keeton first learned that items stuck to his head after shaving it for the first time 23 years ago. 

"I was at a ball game," he told WLS-TV. "I was trying to cool my head down because it was a hot day. And all of a sudden they hit a home run. I went up to grab it... I missed it, and then said, 'Where's my drink?' Everybody was laughing... The drink was stuck to the back of my head. The drink was pouring out of it."

Now all sorts of items stick to his skin, including cans, water bottles, jars of peanuts and cellphones

“A lot of people try and tell me it’s all magnets," Keeton told INSIDE EDITION. "I can stick aluminum glass and plastic to myself to prove it’s not magnetism."

The performer says he can even release items from his head one at a time.

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Keeton says he was initially afraid to show other people his unique abilities because he didn't want to be thought of as a freak. But today, he no longer cares and even rents out his head.

"[I] actually promote people's companies all the time. Different companies just to wear their name on my cans or on a shirt," he said to WLS-TV.

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