Family Freaks Out Over Spider... And It Was All Caught on Home Surveillance Camera

A family unknowingly filmed their over-the-top reaction to spotting a spider.

This dad might want to forget his over-the-top reaction to seeing a spider - but unfortunately for him, the whole episode was captured by his home surveillance camera.

As a video shows, the man rushes into his home after walking through a spider's nest, begging his wife and daughter for help.

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"Is it on me? Look, please, for real," he pleads, turning around to show them.

And if their high-pitched screams are anything to go by, the duo definitely spotted something.

He rips off his shirt, screaming and running from the room.

"Daddy, you screamed like a little girl!" his daughter tells him, laughing.

"I felt him on me!" he protests.

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As the family begins to recover from the ordeal, his daughter says, "I wish I had that on video" - before pointing to their home surveillance camera, which captured the whole thing.

"Oh, we have that on video," his wife tells him, laughing.

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