'Wheel of Fortune' Player Gives Wrong Answer Right After Opponent Says Exact Same Thing

Contestant Christine Kennard managed to see the funny side after the blooper.

Wheel of Fortune contestant cooked up some comedy during "bed and breakfast" week.

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On Wednesday's episode, one player guessed the missing letters on the board spelled the words "homemade waffles" - but was wrong.

Almost immediately, another player, Christine Kennard, buzzed in and said: “Homemade waffles.” Unsurprisingly, the answer was wrong, again.

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"Still not that," host Pat Sajak told her.

The answer was actually "homemade muffins."

A video of the moment is being shared online, where it is entertaining viewers.

But speaking to INSIDE EDITION, Christine explained that she called out the same answer because she didn’t hear the other player say the “s” at the end of "homemade waffles."

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And Kennard had the last laugh: she won the game and a trip to Costa Rica.

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