Close Call for Philadelphia Phillies

It was a near-miss for the entire Philadelphia Phillies baseball team when the jet carrying them almost collided with another airplane. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The Philadelphia Phillies lost the National League Baseball Championship over the weekend, but they almost lost much more in a near-disaster at Philadelphia International Airport.

The entire team and support staff was onboard a chartered 747 jet coming in to land when another plane was getting ready to take off from the same runway.

The pilot of that plane immediately radioed air traffic control. "The guy on final looks awfully close!" he said.

The air traffic controller told him to get out of the way, fast, directing: "No delay! Cross runway 27 right."

"We're not going to make it," said the pilot on the ground.

The Phillies plane was forced to abort the landing.

The air traffic controller told the pilot, "Go around, climb and maintain 3,000 [expletive deleted] flight heading. Wow!"

Fortunately disaster was averted and the plane carrying the Phillies landed safely.