100-Year-Old Piano Player Says Music and Martinis Are the Secrets to a Long Life

He's 100 years old and still tinkling the ivories.

His hands are gnarled, crippled by arthritis and covered in liver spots, but still they move with ageless grace.

Irving Fields is 100 years old and he plays piano five nights a week in New York City hotels and restaurants, refusing to succumb to the vagaries of time.

In his case, those include carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, diminished hearing and limited mobility. But he carries on, living for music and the delicious promise of a nightly martini just after dinner.

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"Yeah, I'm still playing," he told INSIDE EDITION after asking his questioner to speak up and slow down. "I'm always playing."

He pounds out everything from Chopin to Broadway for audiences large and small populated by fans who come from far and near to hear a man who was born in 1915.

"I gotta do something everyday, I don't stop. It gives me a social life, too," he told CBS News.

His biggest album, "Bagels and Bongos," debuted on Decca Records in 1959 and sold two million copies. That was followed by "Bikinis and Bongos," which contained Hawaiian music, "Pizza and Bongos," featuring Italian music, and "Champagne and Bongos," an ode to French music.

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He says he has recorded nearly 100 discs. He has only a passing fancy with new technology and doesn't use email.

Nonetheless, he penned a song titled "YouTube.Com," in about 15 minutes, he claims, and it has gone viral on the Internet with more than 865,000 views.


Fields regrets nothing in his long life and misses only one thing in his golden years

"If I could have sex again," he said. "After all, I'm 100 (years) and six months old."

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