Cops: Woman Smashes Window, Punches Student In Effort to Get Jailed and Escape the Cold

The unidentified woman first punched a Virginia Commonwealth University student in the face for no apparent reason Thursday.

A woman destroyed a window at a government building and attacked someone in Virginia in an attempt to get arrested so she could escape the cold, police said.

The unidentified woman first punched a female Virginia Commonwealth University student in the face on N. 8th Street and Franklin Street in Richmond for no apparent reason Thursday, Captain Randy Howard of the Capitol Police told INSIDE EDITION.

The student was not seriously injured and refused medical attention, according to officials.

The woman went on to allegedly throw a piece of concrete through a window of the General Assembly Building located two blocks from the first incident, Howard said.

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The concrete crashed through the window during a legislative committee meeting taking place in that room, he said. 

“In Finance subcommittee at 645pm and one very agitated woman throws brick through GAB committee room window,” Senator Mark Obenshain tweeted.

“More like a block of concrete. That involved a high level of determination!” Obenshain said in another tweet that included a photo of the damage.

The woman allegedly said she committed the crimes so that she would have a warm place to stay on the cold night.

“I threw the rock in the window so I can have a place to stay,” she said while being arrested, in a video obtained by WTVR. “Three hots and a cot.”

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No one was harmed during the second incident.

Temperatures were near freezing at the time of the incidents, with experts saying the impending blizzard could hit the area hard. A winter storm warning was in effect for the area until 7 a.m. Sunday.

"There are shelters available in the area," Howard told IE. "And in this instance— because of the declaration of emergency by the Governor— that opens up even more shelters. There were those resources available, if she asked."

The woman was reportedly charged with misdemeanor simple assault and felony vandalism. She is expected to be arraigned on Monday, Howard said. 

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