College Students Surprise Beloved Dining Hall Worker With Dream Trip

Students at Arizona State University showed Vicke Davis how much she means to them by surprising her with a trip of a lifetime to her dream destination.

Students at Arizona State University showed a beloved dining employee how much she means to them by surprising her with a trip of a lifetime to her dream destination.

Vicke Davis, 59, is a local celebrity on campus, known for the efforts she makes to get to know all those who come through Barrett Dining Hall.

In the early fall, student Quintin Woods asked Davis what her dream trip would be.

Without missing a beat, she said the Northern Lights, the band of lights that appear in the night sky in the artic regions. So Woods came up with a plan to get her there.

He created a GoFundMe page to raise money to pay for a trip for Davis.

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“Every day Vicke comes to work with a smile on her face and the goal to make the days of each of her ‘babies’ just that much better. Many of us will go to swipe in for a meal in the midst of a long and stressful day and Vicke will provide the caring attitude that makes our day just a little bit better,” Woods wrote on the page.

“I know many of us have been touched by the kind actions of Vicke. She looks at each of us as her children and so I have taken the initiative to give back to her in a way which I feel most appropriate,” he continued.  

Within 48 hours, Woods surpassed his fundraising goal, reaching a total of $2,486, which they surprised Davis with in the cafeteria.

“Do you remember when you told me your dream trip, where you wanted to?” Woods asked Davis in an exchange capturedon video.

“Yea,” she said hesitantly, laughing as dozens of students stood by.

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“And I’m gonna whip each and every one of ya’ll,” she joked.

The laughs turned into happy tears as Jones presented a check to Davis, explaining that more than 150 students donated to the fund dubbed on GoFundMe as “Vicke’s Dream: Aurora Borealis.”

“I only got 30 minutes off, I can’t kiss everybody,” she said, laughing as she wiped tears from her eyes. “Y’all gonna have me crying in my sushi.”

They also gave Davis a new camera to document her trip.

“See that’s why I love my babies,” she continued. “Now I gotta bring back a lot of key chains!”

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