Trump Shares Post From Racist 'White Genocide' Account

Donald Trump has willingly shared a post from a Twitter account that actively bashes blacks, Jews and Muslims.

Donald Trump has shared a post from a suspiciously-named Twitter user who routinely bashes blacks, Jews and Muslims.

The Republican presidential frontrunner retweeted a photo poking fun at opponent Jeb Bush late Friday morning, but it was the user's screen name that has eyebrows raised: .

This nod toward the notion that it is white Christians who are being marginalized--and not racial or religious minorities--is shared by some racists and white supremacist groups.

Per the Southern Poverty Law Center:

"White genocide is an idea that white people, far from ruling most of the developed world, are actually being subjected to a genocide that will ultimately wipe out their race.

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"In recent years, the idea has been spread through something known as the "The Mantra," a 221-word attack on multiculturalism written by Robert Whitaker, a cantankerous segregationist making a presidential bid this year on the racist American Freedom Party ticket."

But far from a fringe candidate at the bottom of the ballot, Trump is leading Republican polls nationwide, making his retweet extremely worrisome to some.

Trump, who is known to post to his own Twitter account, manually retweeted the post--meaning he likely personally copy and pasted the user's message, as well his conspicous username.

This particular post did not involve race and showed Jeb Bush photoshopped outside Trump Tower while holding a sign the reads "Vote Trump."

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However, @WhiteGenocideTM has a history of posting stories about black people accused of acts of violence against whites, tweets in praise of Hitler and tweets (perhaps mockingly) that praise Bernie Sanders for what the user calls the Democrat's similarity to Hitler.

On Friday, Jeb Bush's communication director, Tim Miller, responded to the controversy on Twitter. Miller wrote: 

"The Godwin's Double: Trump's anti-Jeb retweets now include one from a Nazi's account and another calling Jeb a Nazi."

As of Saturday morning, the Trump campaign had not responded to requests for comment.

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