Church Keeps the Faith Despite 60-Foot Hole Punched In The Roof Under Weight of Snow

1,500 members of a Pennsylvania church did not have service as usual Sunday after winter storm Jonas dumped so much snow that their roof collapsed.

A church in Pennsylvania was majorly damaged Saturday evening when the immense weight of the snow caused the roof to collapse.

Calvary Fellowship Church in Downingtown did not hold service as usual Sunday thanks to the 60-foot skylight that Winter Storm Jonas installed in the roof without permission around 5 p.m.

No injuries were reported, but the church's 1,500 members were forced to go elsewhere or else attend the Pastor Lee Wiggins' service online via livestream.

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The church broke the news on Facebook. "Snow on the roof of the auditorium tonight caused a catastrophic collapse of the ceiling," church officials wrote.

Unfortunately, the trouble didn't end with the roof. After the collapse, the fire sprinklers were somehow triggered, causing nearly the entire building to flood.

Despite the multiple setbacks, church officials did their best to turn this negative into a positive as they prepared to take their service to the World Wide Web.

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"Be encouraged! We'll see you on your couch or most comfy chair very soon," wrote church officials, who urged parishioners to maintain their faith in trying times.

"Let's be resolute in our love of our precious Jesus, proving that no matter what happens, we will not turn our backs on our Lord."

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