JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater Speaks

Steven Slater spoke out on multiple TV shows about his infamous last day as a jetBlue flight attendant when he announced he quit and jumped down the emergency slide. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The former jetBlue flight attendant who became a national folk hero speaks out in a whirlwind media blitz, appearing on all the network morning shows and Larry King Live.

Slater repeated the same language on multiple shows, saying, "I was angry. I was in a little bit of a state of rage. It was one of those perfect storms of bad manners and incivility."

Steven Slater famously told jetBlue to take his job and shove it last summer. Then was caught on surveillance video exiting the plane by its inflatable slide.

On Good Morning America, he admitted he'd been drinking, saying, "It was one of those days that drove me to drink, and I admit that I did have a little sip."

Slater stands by his story that the whole blowup began when he was hit in the head by a female passenger's carry on bag.

On Larry King, he repeated the announcement he made to shocked passengers after the plane landed, saying, "To the passenger who called me a (expletive deleted), here's to you. It's been 20 years and I'm done."

But on the Today Show, Slater was grilled by Matt Lauer because the woman passenger has never been identified.

Lauer said, "No one says they remember this. They don't remember that passenger doing this. They don't remember that altercation in the aisle way of that plane. Why?"

Slater replied, "I can tell you for one thing, it was not nearly as spectacular as its been made out to be."

Slater acknowledges there's been turmoil in his personal life and that stress contributed to his meltdown.

On the Today Show, Slater said, "I will say that I was stressed out. I was burned out and something had to give."

Slater was also ordered to pay $10,000 to fix the jet's evacuation slide.