Adorable Sloth Rescued While Clinging to Highway Guardrail

A sloth was found clinging to a roadway guardrail in Ecuador and the pitiful look on its face will melt your heart.

Why did the sloth cross the road? He didn't, he only made it halfway.

An adorable but frightened sloth was recently found clinging to the guardrail along an Ecuador roadway and the photos are melting hearts worldwide.

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In a Facebook post, the Transportation Commission of Ecuador wrote Jan. 22 that they responded to a call about the stranded jungle creature to find it waiting patiently to be rescued.


The lazy critter had somehow made it to the middle of the road in the city of Quevedo, but then lost his way or became too frightened to continue.

When rescuers arrived, the sloth looked nothing but thankful.

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The transit workers took the sloth to a veterinarian to get checked out. Thankfully, it got a clean bill of health despite showing signs in the photos of having injured one of his paws.

“The cute fellow was OK and taken back to its habitat,” a transit spokesperson told Buzzfeed.

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