Historic Blizzard Would Not Stop This Couple From Getting Married

The historic blizzard which pounded the East Coast would not stop one couple from saying 'I do.'

Even a historic blizzard couldn't stop a bride from making it to the altar. 

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Ashley Burlage and her guests trudged through the snow to get to St. Paul of the Apostle Church on Manhattan’s West Side on Saturday. 

The bride couldn't take a traditional limo from her Huntington, Long Island home because of the travel ban, so she hopped on a subway and then hoofed it to the church along with her wedding party.

“We partied with a lot of strangers, we were chanting 'subway wedding!' and we think our pictures are going to be next level,” she told Fox 5 News.

Half of the 200 expected guests— some traveling from as far as Virginia— made it to the wedding and watched Ashley Burlage exchange vows with her husband Casey Burlage.

“We can't say enough to our family and friends to make it because it made our day and I know Ashley is happy and that make me happy,” Casey Burlage said.

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The officiating priest noted that it was a fitting backdrop for Ashley Burlage to be wed in since she was born in a snowstorm, according to reports.

While the pair was happy to be married in the blizzard, they will have to wait to celebrate, as the hall canceled the reception due to the weather.

The Burlage's were not the only people getting hitched in the harsh weather. One Nashville couple vowed to get married on a bridge exactly one year after they met.

The bride, Jessica Reed, walked to her wedding in cowboy boots, and a stranger donated a fur coat to keep her warm. Her husband, John Pyle, did not wear a jacket and had a shirt on with a vest and jeans.

With the city's skyline in the background, they tied the knot.

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