Man Dons Suit to Propose to His Girlfriend in the Middle of Snowstorm

The blizzard could not stop couples from getting engaged over the weekend.

Winter Storm Jonas could not get in the way of one man proposing to his girlfriend.

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Nat Probert, 29, popped the question by the Lincoln Center in the middle of the storm in New York City. His girlfriend, Colleen Hanrahan, 27, thought she was meeting his parents at a nearby restaurant.

Nat had spent weeks planning the event but could not foresee the harsh weather.

“I had originally planned to propose to her in front of Lincoln Center, on the steps,” he told the New York Daily News. “I wanted to do it right, in a big open place like that plaza.”

The precious moment was caught by Paparazzi Proposals as friends and family hid nearby.

The couple has been dating for three-and-a-half years and plans to marry in August 2017.

Nat and Colleen were not the only couple who got engaged during the historic storm.

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Mark Rosmann got down on one knee in the snow in front of The White House to propose to his girlfriend Courtney Dunham. Courtney, who is battling cancer, had her last chemotherapy session last week.

The 29 year olds celebrated as strangers watched and cheered them on. The couple plans to marry in summer 2017 in Oregon, her home state.

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