New Yorkers Post $200 Igloo on Airbnb: 'Snowpocalypse 2016's Most Desirable Getaway'

Some Brooklyn residents built an igloo after this weekend's record snowfall and posted it to the lodging rental site as a joke.

As the East Coast starts to get out from under the weekend's record snowfall, some Brooklyn residents are trying to dig up a profit.

Or at least pretending to - with a tongue-in-cheek Airbnb post advertising their homemade igloo for just $200 per night.

"Dripping with ingenuity and alt-lifestyle aura lays the Snopocalypse of 2016’s most desirable getaway," reads the description.

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"Hand-crafted, and built using only natural elements – we're offering the experience of a life time in this chic dome-style bungalow for you and bae."

The post lasted on the lodging rental site long enough for screengrabs of the joke to pop up on social media and Reddit.

According to DNAinfo, the joke was the handiwork of Patrick Horton and his roommates.

The group said they'd been waiting for the first big snow to build an igloo and then thought it would be funny to post it to Airbnb once it was done.

"There's actually a section on there where you can check igloo," said Horton. "'Wow, this might actually work," he thought.

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And it did, if only for a while. While there are other igloos on the site (most of them in decidedly more alpine locales), the post was taken down.

However, the administrators who pulled the ad were kind enough to tip their hat to the joke.

"We are happy to see that you guys are staying busy and having fun during Blizpocalypse," wrote the representative. "Unfortunately, your igloo, while very well constructed, has failed to meet our occupancy standards and has been removed from search results."

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