Daredevil Defies New York Travel Ban to Race Around the City on a Snowboard

When snow starting falling across New York City, Casey Neistat saw a rare opportunity.

When snow starting falling across New York City, one daredevil saw a rare opportunity.

Casey Neistat defied the travel ban and whizzed around Manhattan on a snowboard.

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A video shows the feat, complete with a Frank Sinatra soundtrack.

Friend Jesse Wellens filmed the stunt. At one point, Neistat was joined by skier Oscar Boyson as they zipped through Times Square.

The police saw what was happening and pulled them over. But the officers told the men: "Someone complained about you, so we're going to act like we're talking to you."

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The creators even made a behind-the-scenes film to show how they pulled off the ludicrous stunt.

They used a Jeep to pull them around and, as the video shows, they even enlisted the help of a drone operator to get some shots.

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