Charlie Sheen's Early Days of Trouble: Kelly Preston's Accidental Shooting

INSIDE EDITION takes a look back at the early years of Charlie Sheen's troubles, when his then fiancée, Kelly Preston, was accidentally shot.

It's the incident that started all the crazy, out-of-control headlines that would follow Charlie Sheen to this day.

The year was 1990, Sheen was engaged to Kelly Preston. That's right, John Travolta's wife, who is now pregnant, was once Sheen's fiance. But the wedding never took place, and it's easy to understand why.

Sheen presented Preston with a 2.5 karat pink diamond engagement ring when he proposed to her in 1989. She said yes!

Preston was a young actress, appearing on HBO's Tales From the Crypt, when Sheen reportedly shot her in the arm by accident.

It happened inside a luxury townhouse community in Malibu where the couple lived. Sheen said he was carrying a gun because he thought prowlers were lurking about.

"I put my .22 in the pocket of my pants when I went to check it out. I forgot about the gun, left my pants in the bathroom, and the next evening Kelly was moving my clothes when the pistol went off." (Source: Orange County Register)

Preston was hit by shrapnel and taken to St. John's hospital with injuries to her wrist and ankle.

Right after the accident, Preston broke off the engagement. Reports say getting shot by her fiancé, even if it was an accident, was a deal-breaker.

She married John Travolta one year later.