See Richard Dreyfuss as Fraudster Bernie Madoff

The actor plays Madoff for a new miniseries.

Richard Dreyfuss is playing Bernie Madoff in a upcoming mini-series on the swindler who is serving a 150-year-sentence for scheming clients out of $65 billion.

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"Every actor wants to play a villain,” Dreyfuss told INSIDE EDITION. “He was the worst, short of Hitler and Stalin, he was the worst.”

Blythe Danner plays his wife, Ruth, in the two-part mini-series Madoff, which airs February 3 on ABC.

The series’ executive producer, Linda Berman said: “It's becomes kind of a Shakespearean story it's about greed and control, yet it's about this family who is torn asunder.”

The miniseries also explores the complex relationship between Bernie and his two sons, Mark and Andrew.

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Tom Lipinski plays Mark, Bernie’s oldest son who committed suicide in 2010, two years after the scandal was exposed.

"This was a guy who had wanted, seemingly nothing more than to be in his father's good graces from the very beginning and worked incredibly hard trying to gain that approval,” Lipinski said.

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