How to Dig Out Your Car From The Snow

Drivers are now struggling to get their cars out of the huge drifts.

Drivers are now struggling to get their cars out of huge drifts left by Winter Storm Jonas. Many of those digging out their vehicles are asking where to put the snow?

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New York City residents have already been given a warning by Mayor Bill de Blasio: "Don't put it back in the street."

AAA's Robert Sinclair has some great tips on what to do and shared them with INSIDE EDITION.

"Start at the front of the car and you can probably stop at the end of your rear door, then rely on your all-wheel drive to pull you through," he said. 

Sinclair says the one absolute must for drivers who dig a car out of snow is to clear the exhaust pipe.

"The exhaust can back up inside the vehicle. It is very insidious in the way it kills, you feel a little sleepy and then you are gone," he said. 

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These tips could come in handy for  some of the videos and pictures from the snow removal that are popping up are all over social media.


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