Denise and Brooke Speak About Charlie Sheen's Meltdown

The women in Charlie Sheen's life are standing behind him in the wake of his wild night at the Plaza hotel in New York City where police say he was found drunk and naked in his room.  INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The women in Charlie Sheen's life are speaking out about the actor's hotel meltdown. Photographers caught up with his current wife Brooke Mueller inside a parking garage in Los Angeles.

A photographer asked, "Do you think Charlie is going to be alright?"

"I think he is going to be just fine," replied Mueller.

At one point, Mueller became annoyed with her dad when he came to his son-in-law's defense, saying, "Come one Charlie. We're rooting for you Charlie. Come on!"

A photographer asked Mueller's father, "Is he okay?"

"We don't know," said Mueller's father.

Mueller jumped in and said, "Dad no more talking! No more talking."

Denise Richards is also speaking out about her ex's wild night at the Plaza in midtown Manhattan, saying on the Today Show, "It's unfortunate what happened."

She confirms she was at Sheen's side throughout the ordeal, even riding in the ambulance with him after cops found him naked and incoherent, and his posh hotel suite trashed.

Richards, who is in New York to promote her new cable TV show Blue mountain State, stayed mum about what exactly happened at the Plaza.

"The details of what went on in the room, of what went on that night, I prefer to keep private and personal. My daughters are very unaware of what happened and I'm really trying to protect them. The girls are unaware of anything. As far as they know they had a great time with their mom and dad in New York."

Now, we're also learning more about Sheen's rough night in New York City. It all began with dinner at the swanky Daniel restaurant, where Denise and Sheen dined together with several friends. Sheen reportedly brought along a female companion, the woman who was later found naked hiding in his hotel bathroom. One police source reportedly described the woman as a "semi pro" who is known as a "celebrity gold digger."

Sheen was said to be "rowdy" from the start of dinner but went on a rampage when he returned to his suite at the Plaza while his two kids with Denise slept next door in the iconic-themed Eloise suite.

Some aren't buying Sheen's press agent's claim that the actor had an "adverse reaction to some medication."

Attorney Gloria Allred said, "Does that really pass the laugh test and the smell test? It's kind of hard to buy."

Sheen, the highest-paid star on television, is saying the incident is being "totally overblown and overplayed."

In a text message to he writes:

"I know what went down and that's where it will stay...under wraps."

But others are saying it's a sign that the troubled star needs help.

Addiction specialist Julie Holland, M.D. told INSIDE EDITION, "He's been in rehab before. He probably needs to go back to rehab again. It's certainly possible that he's having a problem with cocaine and alcohol."

Sheen's private jet landed in Los Angeles yesterday. But his wild night in the Big Apple won't soon be forgotten. He's also expected to return to the set of of Two And a Half Men next Tuesday.