This Boy and Duck Have Been Inseparable Their Entire Lives

A Texas mom brought home a duckling when her son was just months old and the duo are growing up to be best buds.

A little boy in Texas has a very unique best friend: a duck.

Tyler, who is a year and a half old, and Beaker the duck first met when Tyler's family brought Beaker--"Bee" for short -- home as a duckling.

Tyler was just nine months old at the time. Nine more months have passed and the grown up duck and growing boy are inseparable.

"Their bond was instant and incredible," reads the Facebook page, Mr. T and Bee, that is dedicated to the duo.

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They are so close that Tyler's first word was "duck," his mom, Jennifer Young, told The Dodo.

"They did everything together," Young said. "Luckily [Bee] was easy to train with a harness." 

Bee hasn't been as willing to wear diapers, however. While he'll often keep them on around the house, Young said he sometimes yanks them clean off.

Young has kept ducks as pets for years but said Bee is the first she's kept inside the house.

"Bee is just as loyal, smart, and sweet as any dog or cat," she said.

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Thanks to his dedicated Facebook page and Young's seemingly endless supply of photos and videos, Tyler and Bee are well on their way to becoming full-fledged internet celebrities.

Thousands of people have liked the page in less than a week as news of the rare relationship begins to travel the web.

While odd to some, Tyler wouldn't give up his best friend for the world.

"He loves his Beaker, and he will tell you just that," Young said.

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