David Arquette Returns to Howard Stern's Radio Show

David Arquette made his second visit to Howard Stern's radio show since his split with Courteney Cox, and it doesn't sound like he's moping around! INSIDE EDITION reports.

"I want to go crazy!" says David Arquette.

Arquette doesn't sound like he's moping over his split from Courteney Cox.

Once again appearing on Howard Stern's satellite radio show, Arquette gave insight into why his marriage broke up.

"I'm very boisterous, I go out there, I'm like the life-of-the-party guy," said Arquette.

"Yeah, you are," agreed Stern.

"And sometimes it rubs her the wrong way," he explained.

Arquette spoke about reports that Cox is romantically linked to her Cougar Town co-star Brian Van Holt.

"It definitely weighs on my mind. There is the anger element. I just have to [expletive deleted] the pain away," he said.

Appearing on Live! With Regis and Kelly shortly after the Stern interview, a very different Arquette spoke of his affection for Cox.

He said, "I love my wife, she's an incredible woman, we're just at different places right now."