Dead Woman Holding Shovel Discovered Under Foot of Snow By School Children

A 64-year-old New Jersey woman was found by a group of middle school children who'd just gotten off the school bus on Monday.

A New Jersey woman was discovered dead under a foot and a half of snow right in front of her home on Monday.

A group of middle school children had just stepped off the bus when they discovered the body of 64-year-old Mary Wall.

Wall was reportedly still clutching her snow shovel. Her cause of death was not immediately clear but she is believed by police to have suffered a "medical issue" while shoveling snow.

“She was found with a snow shovel in her hand and again, she was covered in snow at the time of the discovery,” Mahwah Police Sergeant Michael Blondin told CBS New York.

Police in the New Jersey township said Wall likely died at the peak of the snowstorm on Saturday.

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Area residents reacted with shock, including the children who found Wall.

"I was like, 'Oh, my God, Mom, I think we found a dead lady in her yard,'" 13-year-old Amanda Sands told NBC New York.

A neighbor said that Wall had lived in the area for years. The investigation into her death was ongoing as of Tuesday morning.

Wall's wasn't the only shocking death to come out of the weekend's historic blizzard. 

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According to the Associated Press, at least 42 people died as a result of the storm. 

Wall was the third death noted in New Jersey. The other two were a young Passaic mother and her three-year-old son who died from carbon monoxide poisoning that occured when the snow blocked their car's tailpipe.

A Pennsylvania man also died from carbon monoxide poisoining when a passing plow buried his tailpipe.

Most other deaths were a result of cardiac events brought on by shoveling snow in the cold.

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