FDNY Chief Catches Heat Over Claims He Had Firefighters Dig Out His Sidewalk

A call was made to a firehouse to get a firetruck to New York fire chief Daniel Nigro's Queens home on Sunday.

New York City's fire chief had a snow-free walk to his car thanks to, at least in part, the on-duty firefighters who helped shovel it for him.

The New York Post first reported early Tuesday that two crews were called to the Queens home of Commissioner Daniel Nigro at 8:49 a.m., where the Post says firefighters were asked to shovel snow from his walkway.

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While the walkway had already been cleared, the Post reported that a three-foot wall of snow was created by snow plows driving past Nigro's home.

The Post says a snow removal order was called and the Engine Company 320 and Ladder Company 167 responded. The department's dispatch system reportedly posted the order as "Assist Comm. Nigro w/ Snow Removal."

That order, claims the Post, would have put the company and the truck they responded in out of commission.

Reached for comment by INSIDE EDITION, FDNY head spokesman Jim Long refuted that claim.

Long said the truck would, indeed, have been available to respond if a call "of great importance" had come through.

Long stressed that it was Nigro's driver, not the commissioner himself, who called for assistance at the Queens home. Long also claimed the driver wanted the firefighters there only on the chance his car became stuck in the snow.

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"[The firefighters] came to assist in the case the car would have become stuck," Long said.

Long did not deny that the firefighters shoveled snow from the home, though he said they moved only a "small amount" after the commissioner had already done most of the work himself.

Long said the commissioner made no official request for help from his subordinates.

Meanwhile, New Yorkers on Tuesday continued to slog to work as crews slowly but surely dug residents out of the second biggest snowfall ever recorded in the city.

The National Weather Service recorded 26.8 inches in Central Park, which missed out on the record by just a tenth of an inch.

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