Nick Nolte Seen Dumpster Diving

INSIDE EDITION has the latest odd behavior from Nick Nolte, as he is seen rummaging through trash cans.

Would you believe actor Nick Nolte, looking like a scruffy hobo, was seen digging through garbage cans?

The star was spotted by RadarOnline dumpster diving in what looks like a case of life imitating art. One of Nolte's best known roles was in the 1986 movie Down and Out in Beverly Hills.

Nick Nolte was spotted shuffling down a back alley in Venice Beach, California, going from can to can, rummaging through the garbage. He walked for about five blocks, checking every garbage can along the way, looking confused and agitated.

When he spoke, it was hard to make out what he was saying. "Somebody's probably swallowed a bunch of Xanax already, and got themselves a beer or two," said Nolte.

The kookiness didn't end there. He launched into a pretty good imitation of a drunk. The actor was arrested for DUI in 2002, leading to his notorious mug shot.

So what was he looking for? Apparently he had misplaced his bag!

A RadarOnline reporter asked, "Did you find the bag that you were looking for in the dumpster?"

"Yeah. I did. I did," said Nolte.

"How did you lose that bag?" asked the reporter.

"I don't know. I really don't," said Nolte. Then he climbed into a chauffeur-driven sedan. Clearly the shabby star is not actually down and out in Beverly Hills, though he sure looks like it.