Joy Behar Earns Criticism as Political Spats Increase

Sarah Palin is firing back at Joy Behar for her remarks to Nevada Senate Candidate Sharron Angle on The View yesterday. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

"Come here, bitch. Come to New York! She can go to hell, this bitch," said Joy Behar on yesterday's The View.

Behar called Republican candidate Sharron Angle the B-word. But now Sarah Palin is taking on The View co-host with a message that's dripping with sarcasm.
"Wow, what class," Palin tweeted. She also posted a link to a news report entitled, "Thanks Joy Behar! Sharron Angle campaign raises $137,000 today!"

On The View today, Behar revealed that candidate Sharron Angle—who's running against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid—reacted in a most unusual way. She actually sent Behar flowers.

Behar read the card that came with the flowers on the show.

"It says, 'Joy, raised $150,000 online yesterday. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Sharron Angle.'  Don't send me flowers, Sharron, okay? Put your money where your mouth is!" said Behar.

But Barbara Walters scolded Behar for tearing into Angle so ferociously, telling her, "I don't think you should tell anybody to go to hell."

And the woman who was wrestled to the ground and kicked in the head outside a contentious debate in Kentucky is also speaking out.

"I think what happened to me is just a symptom of the agitation and the division this country is experiencing on a mass scale," said political activist Lauren Valley, who works for the liberal group She was wearing a blond wig and holding a sign critical of Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul.

"I'm a 23-year-old woman with only the intention to hold a sign, so I had no bad intentions," said Valley.

But new video shows that minutes before she was attacked, she actually charged up to Rand Paul's car. The candidate says he is "extremely disappointed" over the violence and "condemns" the incident.