Well-Traveled Hedgehog Poses For Adorable Snaps At U.S. Landmarks

Calico the hedgehog goes on road trips with her owner and has an impressive Instagram following.

Meet Calico, a hedgehog who loves a good road trip.

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The adventurous critter has traveled all over the U.S., visiting national parks and major cities along the way.

Calico's owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells INSIDE EDITION that her pet hedgehog has been on two major roadtrips and many day trips.

The prickly pet has lived it up in over 15 states including Washington, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC and Montana.

"She's a really good traveler, mainly because she's asleep most of the time since hedgehogs are nocturnal," Calico's owner told INSIDE EDITION.

The owner of the photogenic two-year-old African pygmy snaps a picture of her in each location, placed either in the palm of her hand or in a mug.

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Calico's adventures are documented on her Instagram account, where she has 83,000 followers.

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