See Woman's Emotional Reunion With Dog That Was Mistakenly Adopted By Another Family

Sharon Robinson was overjoyed when Tipsy's new owners had a change of heart and handed back the pooch.

After a long, agonizing saga of being lost and found, a Shetland Sheepdog has finally been reunited with its rightful owner.

"You're home baby," sobbed 71-year-old Sharon Robinson as hugged her Sheltie named Tipsy.

"Oh, Tipsy," she said as INSIDE EDITION documented the joyous, and tearful, moment.

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The Stocton, California, woman had been searching for her beloved miniature Collie since the dog disappeared in December from her home. The dog did not have a collar or microchip.

She and her husband, Larry, 73, had been out of town when her son called to say Tipsy had somehow escaped from the couple's fenced-in yard.

The loss was heartbreaking, said Robinson, noting that her days were marked by crying in the morning and crying every night.

She says she visited the local animal shelter several times, but didn't find Tipsy, she said.

Then she learned the dog had been transferred to another shelter, located about an hour away. Tipsy had already been adopted by then, and the dog's new owners were also in love with the Sheltie.

They didn't want to give her up and shelter officials said they were powerless to force the new owners to surrender Tipsy.

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The canine custody battle went viral after Robinson posted photos of her dog, and her plight, on Facebook.

Viewers responded with "Shame on you for being so selfish," one wrote. "Give the dog back. Simple," wrote another.

The adoptees, who declined to be identified, had a change of heart and returned Tipsy to shelter administrators, who brought Tipsy home to the Robinsons.

"We're never going to let you go again," Sharon said, hugging her dog.

And she is definitely getting a microchip implanted in Tipsy, she said.

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