Skier Who Miraculously Survived 1,000-Foot Tumble: 'I Only Got a Few Bruises'

Angel Collinson told INSIDE EDITION she hit ice and plunged down the mountainside.

A skier who plunged 1,000 feet down an Alaskan mountainside miraculously only suffered a few bumps and bruises.

Angel Collinson, 25, told INSIDE EDITION "it's pretty amazing" that she walked away from the fall, which was captured on camera from a helicopter above.

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She recalled how she caught her ski on some "chunky snow that was icy" and suddenly started to fall. The footage shows her tumbling in silence for more than 1,000 feet.

"I realized I was going really fast so I protected my head with my arms," she said.

When she finally comes to a stop, she assures her friends in the helicopter: "I'm OK."

"I jammed a couple of fingers and got a few bruises," she told IE. "I've gotten hurt a lot worse slipping in icy parking lots."

After the fall, she was determined to climb back up the mountain to retrieve the equipment she lost along the way.

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"I'm fine, and I can go back up," she is heard telling the helicopter crew.

The video was taken last spring as Collinson filmed for the movie "Paradise Waits" in Alaska.

It was just released by action sports media company Teton Gravity Research as part of its 2016 Safety Week.

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