Boy, 4, Saves His Mom's Life Using FaceTime on His iPad

A little boy is being credited with saving his diabetic mom's life after he answered a call from his dad on his iPad.

A little boy in New York is being credited with saving his mom's life with the help of his iPad.

Chadwick DePew was with his mother, who is diabetic, last week and playing on the tablet while she chatted on the phone to her mother.

While she talked, Alice DePew began to experience complications from the illness and eventually lost consciousness.'

"I was talking to my mom on the cell phone and she heard me starting to slur my speech and I started feeling a little sleepy," Alice told WBNG.

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DePew's mother recognized something was wrong after her daughter began to slur her words. After her daughter passed out, her mother called DePew's husband, Stanley.

Stanley DePew immediately called the house. When he received no answer, he tried calling Chadwick's iPad.

To his shock, the little boy answered. “When I saw that green button I pushed it,” Chadwick said.

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DePew was able to instruct his son to unlock the door when paramedics arrived, which he was apparently able to do.

The family believes he helped save his mom's life.

"This is a scary situation in general and it just puts me a little bit more at ease, to know that if something were to happen, at least I can rely on my son,” Stanley said.

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