Hero Principal Dies While Saving Students From Runaway School Bus

An Indianapolis principal died Monday after she shoved two 10-year-old elementary students out of the way of a bus and was fatally struck.

An Indianapolis elementary school principal has been dubbed a hero after she selflessly pushed two students out of the way of a runaway school bus and was herself fatally struck.

Susan Jordan, the principal of Amy Beverland Elementary School for the last 22 years, was struck Monday while managing to save two 10-year-olds when an idle school bus suddenly lurched onto a sidewalk.

Jordan was killed. The students were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

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The bus driver, who has not been named, described seeing Jordan push several students out of the way "in the instant that the accident occurred," the Associated Press reports.

The driver said in a statement that she was unsure why the bus suddenly accelerated. Per standard procedure in such instances, she will reportedly be given a blood test.

"At some point, the stationary bus lurched forward and jumped the curb. The bus was not moving at the time directly before it jumped the curb," Indianapolis Fire Department Capt. Rita Reith said of the tragedy, which struck at around 2:45 p.m. as school buses lined up to take children home.

At a news conference held at the school, Lawrence Township Schools Superintendent Shawn Smith described the longtime educator as nothing short of a community legend, WISH-TV reports.

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"Quite frankly, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about a legend of education," Smith said. "We lost a great educator today."

Indeed, in a video posted to YouTube last spring, dozens of students and staff honor the beloved principal with personal testimonials.

The video ends with the touching words: "“We love you, Mrs. Jordan! Amy Beverland really is the sunshine after the rainbow. Thank you for your many years of leadership!”

In order to give students, teachers and parents of the community time to mourn, classes at all the school district's classes were canceled for Wednesday.

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