Baby Monitor Captures 2-Year-Old Girl's Bedtime Prayers

Sutton Whitt can be heard praying for her mom, dad, grandparents and even Santa Claus.

An hour after Kathryn and Caleb Whitt put their two-year-old daughter Sutton to bed on Sunday night, they heard a noise in her room.

Only when they checked her baby monitor did they realize it was coming from the little girl herself - as she dutifully recited her bedtime prayers.

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A video showing Sutton praying for her parents, grandparents, friends and even Santa Claus has blown up online after her parents, from Seneca, South Carolina, shared it to Facebook.

Kathryn, 23, told INSIDE EDITION that the family usually prays together before Sutton goes to bed, but on Sunday, they were rushing to watch the NFC championship game so skipped over their usual ritual.

But Sutton didn't want to miss out so, as the video shows, she started reciting - and repeating - the names of her loved ones.

"She was taking her time to really think it through," Kathryn said, adding: "Sometimes she doesn't even want to do it so it really surprised us."

All that talking tired out the youngster.

"As soon as she said 'Amen' she turned over and went asleep," her mom said. 

After debating whether or not to share the video, Kathryn uploaded it to Facebook so that those mentioned in the prayer knew Sutton was thinking of them.

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"They loved it," she said. "They said it brought tears to their eyes."

As for their future prayers, Sutton's latest rendition has changed how the family will say them from now on, Kathryn said. 

"Definitely. Now we won't leave anyone out," she said.

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